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La via del freddo alla felicità – English Version


How to step outside your comfort zone
and feel great both outdoors and within yourself

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La via del freddo alla felicità
Il nuovo metodo che dona salute, vitalità ed energia

[The Cold Road to Happiness
A new way to find health, vitality and energy]


La via del freddo alla felicità [The Cold Road to Happiness] reveals the secrets to making the cold the cornerstone of your well-being. The key lies in revitalizing contact with the innermost part of yourself, which is a natural source of happiness. From waking up with barefoot mornings to breathing exercises and wearing lightweight clothing all year round (including in the winter), the innovative HOT mind method presented in the book will get you back in tune with yourself and the forces of Nature.

The HOT mind method involves simple everyday activities that anyone can use to enjoy five key benefits:

• Capitalizing on the advantages offered by the cold and living life mindfully
• Starting the day with verve and energy, and making sure they last all day long
• Learning to dedicate at least half an hour a day to outdoor activities all year round
• Saying goodbye to tiredness, bad moods, excess weight and illness by strengthening your body and your mind
• Kindling your inner warmth

People nowadays rarely walk or spend time outdoors, in the Natural world. More and more of our lives are spent shut away in “shells” such as homes, offices and cars. Even our shoes and clothes keep us increasingly sheltered, with their waterproof, windproof and thermal designs. But we come from the Natural world: we are part of Mother Nature and she is part of us. That is why it is good for you to take off your shoes and walk in a meadow, lie down in the soft grass, or take a dip in a stream and let the sun and wind dry you off. It rouses age-old memories deep down inside us, from the time when we had vital, all-embracing ties that kept us in contact with Nature.

Over the course of millions of years, we developed highly refined senses, stamina, attention, resilience, and a global vision of the natural world and our existence.
We can revive these faculties if we gently push ourselves beyond the boundaries of our “comfort zone”. The cold can become your best friend and teacher, setting in motion surprising mental and physical resources that can revitalize you and help you to rediscover your very best qualities, in the well-being that is offered deep down by Nature.

“Without the cold and the bursts of vitality offered by cold showers and outdoor swimming, you forget how to live”

Andrea Bianchi travels far and wide to hold barefoot walking workshops, from the Dolomites to the Via Francigena. In 2017 he founded “Il silenzio dei passi” ( the first barefoot hiking school in Italy, which presents an activity that can enhance your physical and mental well-being and is accessible to everyone. In 2018, he went to the Dolomite foothills and set a world record for the longest line of people mountain walking barefoot in single file, in order to promote a more respectful and mindful relationship with Nature. Andrea studies and practice yoga. When he is wearing his shoes, he is an engineer, a communications consultant, a journalist and the founder and publisher of MountainBlog: an online magazine about life in the mountains and outdoor sports.
Andrea’s latest book is entitled La via del freddo alla felicità and it was published by Vallardi in 2020. He has previously published three books about the philosophy and benefits of walking barefoot in the Natural environment: Con la Terra sotto i piedi (2018), A piedi nudi (2017) and Il silenzio dei passi (2016).

Andrea Bianchi protagonist on the German TV ZDF for the broadcast "Hallo Deutschland" with moderator Joachim Winter:

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